The Transition Continues…

We are excited to announce the next phase in our ongoing transition of Marketscope

As part of our ongoing relationship with S&P Global, beginning today the branding of Marketscope
Advisor, individual stock reports, mutual fund reports, ETF reports, industry surveys, retail
bond reports, and options reports have changed from the S&P Capital IQ design to a shared
CFRA / S&P Global logo. Over the past several months, we have been introducing you to CFRA
through in-person meetings, conference calls, emails, and press releases, and we look forward to
our continued relationship. If we haven’t met with you personally, we look forward to doing so in
the near future.

Our first priority for clients during the transition and beyond is to ensure continued seamless
access to the products and services enjoyed by all of our Equity Research clients. While the
branding changes across the Marketscope Advisor website, the high quality of research content
and online experience remain the same.

Our combined team of 65 analysts around the globe continue producing market leading equity
and fund research. Moreover, we are building and investing in our people and company to be the
world’s leading independent research provider and are committed to delivering the highest-quality
research to our clients.

Our new logo, representing our ongoing relationship with S&P Global will appear across the
product as of today:

We look forward to serving you as we continue to invest in our services and work through our

To learn more about CFRA, we encourage you to visit our corporate website at

To contact us directly, please call +1 800.220.0502